Our Lady of Chartres Bldg. (OLC): Elementary Department  

Fr. Louis Chauvet Bldg. (FLC): Guidance Center; Activity Room; Homeroom Chair’s Office; Alumni Office; Student Affairs Office; Publication Office; Principal’s Office; High School Department 

St. Paul Bldg. (SPB): Registrars Office; Dean’s Office; Directresses Office; Christian Formation; Community Extension Office; Caregivers Laboratory; College Department 

Mo. Charles de Jesus Weiss Bldg. (MCW): Finance Office; Cashier

 Sr. Chantal Goyena Bldg. (SCG): Canteen; Chit Disburser

 Sr. Mary Florence Enchanis Bldg. (SFE): Technology and Home Economics

 Msgr. Honorio Resurreccion Gymnasium (MRG): Gymnasium

Mo. Agnes Dest. Anne Couplan Bldg. (MAC): Convent

Nursing Building (NB) *newly established

 HRM Building *soon to rise*




Science Laboratory


Eco Park

Guidance Center

Food court

Canteen Extension


Center Court

Comfort Room

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