St.Paul University at San Miguel Bulacan is a Catholic Institution for young boys and girls who shall, in the image of Christ, proclaim Jesus Christ as the Good News to all men, with conscious regard for the deprived.

Vital to this formation is a deep understanding of the goals and mission of a Paulinian Education. This website serves as a guide and source of information to help all the viewers to have a better understanding of what Paulinian Education really is. To become effective members not only of the community of St.Paul University at San Miguel, but as well with the outside world. It is necessary that a harmonious relationship exists between and among all the members of the St. Paul community and the viewers of this website.


St. Paul University at San Miguel, as a Catholic educational institution, envisions Christ-centered and competent persons, builders of Christian communities in the service of the Church and the nation.


We commit ourselves to collaborate in the apostolate of the Sisters of SPC to proclaim Jesus Christ as the Good News to all, and to respond to the pastoral needs of the people of our time with conscious preference for the underprivileged.




CHRIST                        Christ is the CENTER of Paulinian life; he/she follows and imitates Christ, doing everything in reference to Him.

COMMISSION               The Paulinian has a mission – a LIFE PURPOSE to spread the Good News; like Christ, he/she actively works “to save” this world, to make it a better place.

COMMUNITY                The Paulinian is a RESPONSIBLE FAMILY MEMBER and CITIZEN, concerned with building communities, promotion of peoples, justice and peace, and the protection of the environment.

CHARISM                     The Paulinian develops his/her GIFTS and TALENTS to be put in the service of the community, he/she strives to grow and improve daily, always seeking the better and finer things, and the Final Good.

CHARITY                     Urged on by the LOVE OF CHRIST, the Paulinian is warm, loving, hospitable and “all to all”, especially to the underprivileged.

                            Inspired by the LIGHT of PAUL, guided by the VISION of the SISTERS and living in the         MISSION of CHRIST, St. Paul University At San Miguel proves its worth as CEBTER OF EXCELLENCE!

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